Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Halloween Math

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids of all ages. Of course, they get very distracted in school. There was a Halloween parade each year at my son's elementary school. Each teacher led their class outside in their costumes around a huge rotary. There was always a big turn out of parents to watch!

Over the years, teachers have found some creative math activities to keep students focused on learning. For example, sorting and graphing of M&M candies by color in the middle school. The same can be done with an assortment of candies: Students can sort candies into groups based on specific similarities, such as chocolates, gum, hard candies, red candies, etc. Older students may want to create their own categories. The important thing is to engage students in math activities related to Halloween.

I have put together some Halloween Math Activities to help you celebrate. Let me know what you think on Facebook or Google+.