Monday, August 19, 2013

Math Puzzles

Students have been miffed by math terminology for centuries. However, honing ones math vocabulary is an important part of learning math. Students need to be able to communicate math effectively in oral and written form --both in class and on standardized tests. This is also a goal of the Common Core State Standards
My philosophy has been to introduce relevant math terminology along with the topic being taught. Accordingly, in 1999, I designed a set of math puzzles for each unit of math instruction. These puzzles were GIF images designed to hones students' math vocabulary. In 2004, I redesigned my entire puzzle library using a Java-based program. It enabled me to create interactive crossword puzzles and word searches as well as solutions for each. However, I recently discovered that there were security issues with Java applications. 
It was back to the drawing board, to create a new set of interactive math puzzles that did not use the Java applications, that were safe to use. Over the summer, I succeeded with this endeavor, creating an all-new puzzle library of interactive crossword puzzles with three levels of difficulty. Each puzzle has a timer and buttons to help you. These puzzles use standard web page design, with no Java applications. So you can use these puzzles easily and safely.