Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Palindrom Puzzle Solutions

It seems my palindrome puzzles were a bit hard for some. I posted several links, which if followed, would have helped. In any event, here are the puzzles you were asked to solve: 

Clue 4: What did Nat notice about my day at the beach?
Clue 5: What did the clock say to the racecar in second place? 
Clue 6: What did the apple pie want on its mean, median and mode? 
Clue 7: What was the weight of the car in metric units? Hint: It involves a negation 

Clue 8: What did the teacher trade with the lab researcher? 
Hint: It involves praise and rodents 

Clue 9: What did Larry Daly say to the talking Einstein? 
Hint: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 
Clue 10: What happened when the number 13 met the number 31? 
Hint: The prime went in reverse 

You can find try these, or view the solutions page. I hope you enjoyed these puzzles!