Monday, December 06, 2010

Probability Goodies

My entire Unit on Probability is now online! The interactive spinners and die rolls are truly random. This unit includes lessons on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Probability covers experiments, outcomes, events and probabilities.
  2. Certain and Impossible Events presents examples and probabilities for each type of event.
  3. Sample Spaces covers all possible outcomes for experiments with marbles, playing cards and more.
  4. Complement of an Event computes the probability that an event will not occur.
  5. Mutually Exclusive Events examines experiments to determine if they have any outcomes in common.
  6. Addition Rules are used to compute the probabilities of events that are, and are not, mutually exclusive.
  7. Independent Events computes the probability of independent events that occur in sequence.
  8. Dependent Events computes the probability of dependent events, accounting for outcomes common to both.
  9. Conditional Probability provides step-by step examples for computing conditional probabilities.
  10. Practice Exercises are 10 additional problems for assessment of skills and knowledge.
  11. Challenge Exercises are 10 additional real-world problems to challenge students.
What happens when you choose a marble? roll a pair of dice? pick a card? Find out at Math Goodies!