Thursday, December 16, 2010

Percent Resources

When students ask: When are we gonna use this math?, percent is the first topic that comes to mind. Do you know of a job that doesn't use it? There are plenty of resources on percentages at Math Goodies. Lets start with my Unit on Understanding Percent, which includes lessons on the following topics:
  1. The Meaning of Percent provides a solid foundation for understanding percent concepts.
  2. Writing Fractions as Percents will have you thinking about your grades.
  3. Writing Decimals as Percents dances the decimal to the right.
  4. Writing Percents as Decimals dances the decimal to the left.
  5. Writing Percents as Fractions will have you thinking about sports.
  6. Percents < 1 or > 100 will have you riding your bicycle to school.
  7. Practice Exercises are presented in a quiz format. What's your score?
  8. Challenge Exercises are presented in a game format. Can you get the bulls eye?
The interactive lessons above provide in-depth instruction, and are intended for on-screen use. For extra practice, try my Percent Worksheets, designed for easy printing. I also have game called Percent Goodies, which lets you convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. For further explorations, try my WebQuest on Percent in Daily Life.