Friday, October 15, 2010

Geometry and Measurement

By popular demand, I have published two new units on Geometry and Measurement. The lessons in these units use both metric and English units. There are plenty of illustrations and diagrams. See below for details!

My Unit on Perimeter and Area of Polygons has been redesigned and published. There are plenty of fences and yards, so be sure to bring your entire class! This unit includes lessons on the following topics:

  1. Perimeter of polygons and regular polygons.
  2. Area of a Rectangle, which contrasts area with perimeter.
  3. Area of a Parallelogram, with diagrams that clearly label the base and the height.
  4. Area of a Triangle, with the formula derived by splitting a parallelogram in half.
  5. Area of a Trapezoid, showing several types of trapezoids.
  6. Practice Exercises, with 10 additional quiz problems for assessment.
  7. Challenge Exercises, with 10 additional real-world problems.

My Unit on Circumference and Area of Circles has also been redesigned and published. There's lot of pizza and bicycles, so be sure check it out! This unit includes lessons on:

  1. Geometry and the Circle, with definitions and labels from geometry and the parts of a circle.
  2. Circumference of a Circle, the distance around the circle.
  3. Area of a Circle, the space inside the circle.
  4. Practice Exercises, with my famous 10-question quiz.
  5. Challenge Exercises, with 10 additional word problems for a real challenge.