Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Math CD

I just released version 11 of my CD. This version is an expansion pack of all previous versions. The new resources have lots of colorful visuals. Version 11 includes:

  • 135 in-depth lessons ideal for students of all ages and abilities.
  • my expanded worksheet library, designed for easy printing.
  • a suite of learning games, including my new Fraction Goodies game.
  • my all-new puzzle library, designed to work in the latest browsers.
  • my all-new Educator's Guide, with a wealth of instructional information.
  • my revised classroom activities and project ideas.
  • my revised learning objectives, you can copy and paste into your plan book.
  • revised lessons, and improved navigation on all pages.
As a classroom math teacher, I was trained to improve my teaching skills. I believe I have done this with the CD. Apart from the commercial aspects, I take great pride in improving my lessons and other resources as well as building on what I have to create new goodies. Essentially, this is a labor of love that started in 1998. I also enjoy helping people.

I want to thank my cyberbals, without whom I could not have completed this project. Thank you Ann, Mike, Doug, Peb, Cheryl, Charlene and Debi. You can see more screenshots on my facebook page.