Saturday, March 20, 2010

Math and Sports WebQuests

Although not always realized, mathematics plays a very important role in sports. A myriad of sports data for players and teams is available from the media and the sports world. I have created 4 new webquests on Math and Sports to help you explore how math is used to compute, summarize and analyze this data! The main topics are:

  1. Win-Loss Percentage - baseball, football and basketball
  2. Graphing Historical Data for The Olympics and Super Bowls
  3. Batting Average and Earned Run Average
  4. The NBA Draft Lottery
Other topics include percent change in number of home runs scored, field goal percentage, Pythagorean Expectation, Win Probability, Win Expectancy, Sabermetrics, and Simpsons' Paradox. There is enough information for offline projects, too! You can also explore math and science with my other math webquests!