Friday, March 27, 2009

Climate Change and Global Warming

I found the theme for MAM 2009, Math and Climate, intriguing, so I decided to create a webquest for students to learn more about it through online explorations. I think the goal of The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM) was to show how higher math and mathematical modeling are used to better understand oceans, the atmosphere, polar ice caps, and their interrelationships. As I did online research, I became intrigued by the scientific evidence of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. I decided that these issues should be presented to students before the mathematics behind it was introduced. I learned about how humans impact on global warming, and the things they can do to stop it. I also found some sites with facts on "Carbon Math". Next, I came across some great interactive calculators that I knew students would enjoy. These calculators make one's personal impact quantifiable, and more concrete for the student. As a result, my Webquest on Climate Change and Global Warming explores the scientific evidence first. It then explores how things are monitored through the use of mathematics. Next, it examines the human impact and things we can do to stop it. Lasly, students can apply their knowledge by solving related math problems.